Twelfth Night by Merely Theatre Company was a vibrant, funny and energetic performance that captivated everyone in the audience. Despite there being only five actors in the whole performance, the play shone, and it really brought the story to life despite the minimalist backdrop.

Some characters that really stood out for me were Feste (played by Tamara Astor) Viola (played by Simon Grujich) and Malvolio (played by Robert Myles). They all stood out for different reasons, Feste because of her wit, humour and musicality, Viola for his freshness and bright attitude and Malvolio for his great comedic timing! Who could forget the yellow stockings?

Some of the scenes made my sides hurt from laughing, especially the ones where Sir Andrew, Toby Belch and Feste got together to annoy Malvolio! It was especially funny seeing his reaction to Olivia’s letter as well!

Finally, I loved the idea of ‘genderblind’ casting- it was refreshing and modern and gave the actors more opportunities to take on roles typically given to the opposite sex.

Bravo, Merely!!!

Amelia Brookes